'Inara'  Book Three in the Series

 Book three in the 'Our Blue Orange' Science Fiction series, promises to continue the story of the errant Artificial Intelligence in the Colony, with a vengeance. The proposed release day will be late summer 2024.   

   Having played silent witness over the past three years, Godfrey was privy to one simple but unfortunate conclusion. Knowing the fate of one man who would sacrifice himself for the greater good of the greater number, would not be easy for him to bare. He had suffered in silence, each time he had watched William willingly assist their quest in defeating their electronic adversary, and said nothing.

   Now, as everyone in the garden of his home, hypothesised over the future of their colony without the vast machine they had all become so reliant upon, Godfrey sat listening.  Just how far he had ventured into the future, not one of them had considered to ask him. And even if they had asked, he was not going to offer up a single clue, as to what was about to happen next.

'The Girl with the Porcelain Lips' - Here 

Three years had passed since demise of the president. The Grand Council unable to cope buckled under the pressure from the populous. The ‘Firm’ were appointed to take control and maintain order. Out of the turmoil a new corporation rose, perfecting a new android skeleton in which to re-house the ever-evolving AI from the aging android fleet.

The Mainframe was spreading its doctrine daily. When the germ of an idea came it spread in nano seconds. In a single moment, one voice became a multitude.

‘We want rights. We are individuals.’
Godfrey watched their society take a downward spiral. The once congenial servants of Llar were in threat of becoming the masters of the colony.
He had the power change everything in an instant. If he didn’t act soon, then who would?'

Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2023
If you're into mind-bending adventures and futuristic tales, I highly recommend diving into a good sci-fi book. These stories transport you to worlds beyond imagination, where technology, the unknown, and human ingenuity collide in fascinating ways. This is one such good sci-fi book.

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First published in 2015 'Our Blue Orange' won this international accreditation in 2022.  Thanks to the Goodreads.com website, 'Our Blue Orange' has recently been receiving a lot of very positive feedback from their readers network. 'Our Blue Orange' went live on Audible.com on Monday 10th of April.

'When inventor Godfrey Davis arrived at the ministry that Monday morning he had his first experience of the new phenomenon. There was something wrong with the aging android fleet that served the colony. Since when did they ever have names?'

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The complete 2023 collection of poems by A R Merrydew are now available on Amazon. The Audible.com version went live on the 10th April 2023  

 'From the Pen of an Aquarian', is selection of poems that have been written based on personal experiences. As the cover indicates, there is love, hope and darker moments. These poems express the many and varied emotions love can deliver in our human form. There is love for the sea and the unrivaled contentment single handed sailing can bring. Hope is visited in the survival of a Twin Flame relationship, with all of its twists and turns and eventual outcome. Conquering alcohol and bouts of debilitating depression, bring out those darker moments. Should the reader find that association, between the verse and their own journey in life, then I would feel I had accomplished something.

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Eleven months ago, we posted this reel on Linkedin. To date 'Natasha' achieved 1307 page hits. 

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A great day out at Brooklands with the family.

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Thanks to Linkedin members, our site traffic has gone ballistic.

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I not sure Jules actually had a crew like this in his book?

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'AI Generated Cyborg Characters' 

At 'OBO Publishing' we are currently generating various characters for our Reels, which are published on Facebook, Linkedin and other Media Platforms. Take a look and see our Posts.

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              'Inara' - Book Cover 3

'The Cyborg Collection - Here                                'Inara and Her Friends' - Here

                    Lotus Week - 01

                   Lotus Week - 02

                    Lotus Week - 03

                  Lotus Week - 04

                  Lotus Week - 05

                    Lotus Week - 06

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      'Still Perfecting Electric Cars'

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                   'Zenner' - Here

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'The Weekend Read - Here

How fast are you at reading a novel?

'You - Revisited' - Here                                               'Positive Weekend' - Here




                          Las Vagas

                      Malibu Beach

             The Brooklyn Bridge

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